Linden Leaves

Linden Leaves is made with care and attention to detail in New Zealand.

Linden Leaves is against animal testing and does not use any ingredients that have been tested on animals.

Our philosophy is to create beautiful products to nourish the skin and nurture the soul, which offer a sense of delight.

Designed to inspire a moment of peace in each day, we focus on the best quality, natural ingredients contained in beautiful, recyclable packaging.

Many of our products are produced by hand, and our unique body oils contain hand harvested natural botanicals.

We create our products with love and a sense of pride, without animal testing, and in accordance with our sustainability policy, and a sense of guardianship of our pure New Zealand environment.

The Linden Leaves story began in 1995 with the founding of the company in the South Island of New Zealand by Brigit Blair.

A well-travelled mother of three, who previously held entrepreneurial roles within the Asia-New Zealand market, Brigit established the Linden Leaves brand and launched immediately into export, to share with the rest of the world her passion for the quality ingredients, inspirational aromatic combinations and the vast array of natural botanical bounty that New Zealand offers.

With pure ingredients and exacting attention to detail, Linden Leaves combines nature and science to create this balanced skin care, designed to nourish the skin and nurture the soul.

Drawing on the benefits of essential oils, plant derived exfoliants, natural moisturisers and a unique New Zealand heritage, Linden Leaves offers the customer a spirited range of bodycare products with unisex fruit and plant derived fragrances to care for the skin anddelight the soul.

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